Faith Douglas Forest Bathing

Tread Lightly – Faith Douglas in Audi Magazine

Faith Douglas Forest Bathing


We visit North Yorkshire for a spot of forest bathing and come away thoroughly refreshed in both body and mind

Writer: Angus Frazer

Photographer: Tom Kahler

My doctor is a sage, patient and kind man. Over the years, he has carefully suggested that my self-diagnosed, Google-researched, proven-beyond-all-possible-doubt ailments, such as Dengue fever, radiation poisoning and lycanthropy, could be alleviated, if indeed not entirely cured, by some rest, a little exercise and better food choices.

We all know we should take better care of ourselves. After all, it’s not like there’s any shortage of ways to do it. One that seems to be having a moment is Shinrin-Yoku – or Japanese forest bathing. Except that forest bathing’s moment began many millennia ago and, contrary to popular belief, is not the sole preserve of the Far East.

‘Cultures all over the world have practised forest bathing for a very long time, but a lot of the research that has been conducted into it over the past 40 years has been in Japan, hence the association,’ explains Faith Douglas, a North Yorkshire-based forest bathing guide and author of  The Nature Remedy.

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